Set JavaScript in WP Website 2019 Part 2

How To Set JavaScript in WP Website 2019 – Part 2

JavaScript Training for Word Press – Part 2

JavaScript Training for Word Press is part of our Three Months Absolutely Free Word Press Training Started to train Word Press Developers Bloggers. This is Class 45 and Part 2 of JS training.

In this tutorial, we learnt about using Chrome Dev Tools (Console). We started our discussion with variables (var and let). We talked about reserved name conventions. We demonstrated a few examples to make our point clear.

JavaScript, as we all know, is case sensitive. We talked about camel Case variable names.

We practiced document.write(); along with alert(), prompt(), confirm() JavaScript functions.

We also learnt about creating if and else conditions in JavaScript.

In addition, we discussed BODMAS (the order of operations in Mathematics).

As we use arithmetic expressions in JavaScript,  the execution takes place as per BODMAS.

WP & Bloggers Class is a mission.  Word Press Developers from all over the world have started taking interest in this initiative. Therefore, I’m putting all my energy to make this journey wonderful and full of success.

Link to Access Top WP Developers Mission 2019:

Or, simply visit and click on Bloggers and Developers Page.

Through this three months Free Word Press Training (Absolutely FREE), we will learn how to create responsive Word Press Themes and Plugins. We’ll be in a position to sell our assets via Themeforest (Envato) and other platforms. Get ready to conquer that front.

Let me tell you that without passion and commitment, you won’t be able to be a Rockstar Word Press Developer. It does take a lot of hard work ; however, the end result is awesome.

I will guide you step by step so that you could get results from your Word Press Training Mission. Get ready to excel as a professional developer. It’d be fun and exciting adventure.

Word Press Developers Bloggers will learn to unlock WP Codex. APIs will be the ultimate goal. From PSD to Word Press Conversion to Word Press Based Mobile Apps, Developers will conquer their fears. Word Press and Bloggers Developers will enjoy lucrative benefits of successful online projects. ‘Word Press and Graphic Design Pro’.

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